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Chrome BrewTender Portable Beer Beverage Dispenser

Chrome BrewTender Portable Beer Beverage Dispenser

Our Price $47.99

INTRODUCING THE BREWTENDER! A portable tabletop cooling and dispensing device/appliance that delivers any Beverage desired served and enjoyed ice-cold without dilution created by melting ice.

Ideal for Sports-bars, Brew-pubs, Taverns, Lounges, RV's and Home use. Anywhere you want your Favorite Brew or Beverage... Always Cold!... Always Ready!...

The BrewTender holds a whooping 80 ozs of your favorite beverage, 20 ozs more than a standard pitcher!! It measures in at 20.5 inches tall and has a base diameter of 7 inches. This item combines novelty with functionality with its removable ice chamber, which is designed to keep your beverage cold to the last drop, the Lazy-Susan base and the Bar-Style tap handle lets everyone at the table be their own bartender and the the BrewTender also illuminates for low light lounges or parties!

You will be hard pressed to find another gadget with the BrewTenders functionality and ease of use and cleaning. A simple twist, and the center Ice Chamber is out! and/or... A simple push & twist of the recessed bottom plate with the sealed battery lighting system is easily removed!... The BrewTender base can be separated just below tap for easy cleaning and storage!

Shipping cost to any address in the United States is set at a flat rate of $16.99.
  • Disassembles for easy Cleaning & Storage
  • Removable Ice Chamber.
  • Internal Beverage/Ice Lighting system.
  • Bar-Style Tap Handle.
  • Lazy-Susan Style Rotating Base.
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