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Global G-Force Atomic Watch

Global G-Force Atomic Watch

Our Price $59.95

Never set your time again with the world's first Global Atomic Watch. Accurate to 10 billionth of a second just about anywhere on Earth!

The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cesium Fountain Atomic Clock in Colorado is the official world time keeper. Accurate to one second in 20 million years and to 10 billionth of a second, it is the most precise clock on earth. The Global G-Force Atomic Watch picks up a radio signal sent out from the NIST, ensuring absolute accuracy. Additional receiver chips also allow the G-Force to receive the precise time from broadcast stations in Europe (England and Germany) and Asia (Japan). In other words setting your clock is a thing of the past.

It's an incredibly durable machine built for those who want to look good on the go no matter where they travel. We weren't content to just offer the first atomic watch in the world. So we took it to another level by introducing the 1st Global Atomic watch. The Global G-Force Atomic is the next evolution in our famous line of atomic watches. With streamlined styling and chromed stainless-steel accents, it's a real head-turner. But the real beauty is inside. Four separate chips allow you to receive signals from the internationally recognized atomic clocks in North America, Europe and Japan. In other words, it was designed for world travelers who want the powerful accuracy of an atomic watch. Durability makes it a great sport watch, too. Modern lines and a stainless steel band make it ideal for the boardroom. The combined result is a stunningly sleek and accurate work of art for your wrist. High-resolution, large LCD displays time, day and date with back light. Added functions include 1/100 of a second stopwatch, alarm and time zone indicator. Water-resistant to 30 meters. Be the first to wear the next generation in atomic wristwatches.

Shipping cost to any address in the United States is set at a flat rate of $5.88.
  • Accurate to one second in 20 million years
  • Receives signals from atomic clocks
  • Alarm and time zone indicator
  • 30M water resistant
  • Chromed accents and stainless steel band
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