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The Gadget Gazette

By scouring the earth, we have come up with a nice collection of neat gadgets. We continue to search high and low for the gadgets that make us laugh, smile and sometimes even think! New products and manufacturers are continuously being added to our catalog. If you wish to be added to our newsletter and be made aware of all future new and hot items, please complete the form below:

Gadgets Galore, Inc. is just that... gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! Finally a site dedicated to the men, women, children and pets that just can't get enough "gadgets"!

WikiPedia (www.wikipedia.org) defines a gadget as a device or an appliance that has a useful specific practical purpose and function but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are invariably considered to be unusually or cleverly designed than normal technology at the time of their invention. Gadgets come in all shapes, sizes and genres with a little bit of something for everyone from Pet Gadgets to Kid Gadgets to Kitchen Gadgets and Garage Gadgets and we have them all at Gadgets Galore!

Gadgets Galore, Inc. started as a family run business in the bustling Black Hills of South Dakota early in the millennium with a hand full of gadgets and the desire to find more. Our love of gadgets and our untiring quest to find the latest and greatest gadgets made our name spread quickly around the Internet. We now have shipped one gadget or another to over 20 different countries! Today we feature a wide variety of products from an even broader array of manufacturers then we ever thought possible and nothing could make us happier!

We are continuously searching for new gadgets to grace our pages here at Gadgets Galore, Inc. If you or someone you know has a gadget idea that the would like to launch, please let us know. We have manufacturing contacts both far and wide and this little store to market them!

Gadgets Galore, Inc. is headquartered at:

214 38th St.
Rapid City, SD 57702

We may be contacted at Sales@GadgetsGaloreStore.com, toll free at 888-227-1048 or via fax at 605-342-9193.

We appreciate your business!