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Welcome to Gadgets Galore!

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The Gadget Gazette

By scouring the earth, we have come up with a nice collection of neat gadgets. We continue to search high and low for the gadgets that make us laugh, smile and sometimes even think! New products and manufacturers are continuously being added to our catalog. If you wish to be added to our newsletter and be made aware of all future new and hot items, please complete the form below:

Get Your BrewTender!

Get Your BrewTender! at Gadgets Galore

We love our Gadgets and nothing says gadget like the BrewTender! This fabulous little gadget is a portable table top cooling and dispensing appliance that can be used for any beverage that you like to serve and enjoy ice cold without the dilution of melting ice!

If you own a Sports Bar, Pub, Tavern, lounge or RV, this is the ideal way to serve your brews and for the home owner, the possibilites are endless. Anywhere you want your favorite beverage and you want it cold, The BrewTender is there for you... Always Cold, ALways Ready!

This top selling gadget includes features such as a removable ice chamber, internal beverage lighting system, bar style tap, combination vented lid, Lazy Susan style rotating base and is made of Resistant Transparent ABS Plastic. The BrewTender can hold a whopping 80 ozs of fluid compared to 60 ozs in a standard pitcher!

Get yours today and remember, its your brew, tend it!

Meet ColBert!

Colbert, the Gadgets Galore Mascot!

We have received numerous questions recently about the icon that shows up when you bookmark Gadgets Galore, or depending upon your browser preference, the icon that appears in your address bar while you are visiting our Gadgets Galore web site. Well it finally dawned on us that those small icons cannot properly express what the picture actually is... so without further ado... Here is ColBert, the Gadgets Galore Mascot!

ColBert was developed by our staff as a representation of what we are and what we love! ColBert was pieced together from an old cell phone, some gears, old RCA cables and speaker wire. What is more gadgety than that?? The name ColBert was chosen for our mascot as the name means Cool and Bright and that is just what he is! Please keep your comments and suggestions coming as we love to read them!

Top Quality and Award Winning!We at Gadgets Galore, Inc. realize that you want your time and money to be well spent. This is why we spend countless hours finding and researching our products. We strive to carry innovative, helpful and useful gadgets. Even the fun gadgets like the BrewTender serve a great purpose. We love looking for new gadgets to make your life easier and have a whole lot of fun doing it. Just remember, if you like gadgets, you will love Gadgets Galore.


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